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Senna Daani Khyilenna Malaasa-Praadss

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Placeholder: OOC - Background links [Apr. 1st, 2000|07:51 pm]
Senna Daani Khyilenna Malaasa-Praadss
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These posts are from the POV of Khyilenna's daughter, Harliquin, but are relevant as Khyilenna's background is strongly related to Harliquin's. This post will remain until I have completed my prospective game application.

Background: Inspirational Background

Background: Cosmology and In-Depth History

Background: More Backstory

Background: More Modern Events

Background: Casting List

Daani Original
One of Khyilenna's pet habits is spending a great deal of her time wearing the appearance of a six-year-old child. She usually goes by her fore-name (culturally similar to a middle name, but placed in front) when she's in her child form, so here is Daani. She sometimes alters that to Danielle Malan, or Danielle Pridain (depending on whether Mareph or Harliquin are around - Malan as a variant on "Malaasa", Pridain being Harliquin's stand-in for "Praadss").
This propensity to wearing a child form is the origin of the title "The Child Princess".

Khyilenna Original
This is the first picture of Khyilenna in her adult form (seen from the back to capture her hairstyle). This is actually a recent development, with this picture only a few months old.
The hairstyle (inspired by pictures of Daani) can be described quickly as quadruple odango - similar to the style famous to Sailor Moon, only with four buns and four ponytails instead of two.

And here are some other pics, from digital sources:

Khyi full
21/6/11: Finished my sim version of Khyilenna. Took a lot of work and it may have been made harder by starting with a copy of Bella Bachelor as base.
The sim is not in play yet - doesn't even have all the clothing done. This outfit is Formal and intended as her clubbing outfit, with a second Formal outfit which will be set after she goes into play.

Better Khyi

Cut Mareph
And for edification: Mareph is heavily based on Mortimer Goth - especially the way I makeover Mort when he reaches young adulthood.

And lastly... reacent obtaining of a 3DS means I can make these: Miis.
Here is Khyi:


I came across a link to Azalea's Game of Thrones Doll Maker and made up dolls for most of the core Praadera family on it.

Here's Khyi. Her outfit is relatively simple, taking it's basic design from the everyday outfit of the sim!Khyi.

And for reference: Mareph and Oraania. Why is Mareph not with his wife? Sorry, it's the influence of my fic, Thousand Suns, which stars Oraania. Mareph is a major figure, coming in early, while Khyi won't be seen for ages, as she's dealing with issues in a different area. That's actually pretty true to them on a whole - they are not strangers to working separately for significant periods of time. Mareph however keeps a close eye on his mother, making sure she doesn't wander off.